Azeri Delegation Activities in PACE - Cheap Political Gambling

30.06.2006 17:36 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Discussions titled `Forest fires. Ecological
consequences and influence of policy of territorial planning' were
held in Strasbourg today, reported the RA NA press office. From the
very beginning the Azeri delegation accused Nagorno Karabakh of
setting up arsons. In this view Armenian parliament speaker Tigran
Torosian delivered a speech. He said in part, `This is really a very
serious problem and I would not take the floor if our Azeri
counterpart hadn't call on you to urge my assistance as the chairman
of the Armenian National Assembly. I appreciate the confidence of the
Azeri counterparts and want to response to these statements.

For a week already the Azeri delegation keeps on stating that
Armenians set fire to the forests along the border of Nagorno
Karabakh. The mildest assessment I can give to this show is cheap
political gambling. I will explain why. Three years ago Nagorno
Karabakh authorities being concerned over the fires at the near-border
pastures proposed Azerbaijan to work out joint mechanisms for
prevention of fires. Azerbaijan did not response to the proposal. The
difference of the positions of NKR and Azerbaijan on the matter is
obvious. While Baku was setting up clamor NKR Foreign Ministry June 15
requested the Office of the OSCE CiO's Personal Representative to hold
a monitoring to assess the real situation and refute false accusations
advanced by Azerbaijan. The OSCE mission has been examining the
near-border territories for several days but found nothing what could
prove Azerbaijan's statements. Unfortunately, spreading hatred and
invented accusations - these are the methods Azerbaijan uses when
discussing any matter. For this purpose they are even ready to falsify
the CoE documents. This is nothing but disrespect for the PACE and the
CoE principles.'