KAPAN, JUNE 30, NOYAN TAPAN. The Kapan representation of the OSCE
Yerevan Office opened in Kapan on June 29. It has a goal to assist
marz authorities of Syunik in the affair of initiating and
implementing economic and nature protectional programs.

OSCE Yerevan Office head, Ambassador Vladimir Pryakhin mentioned that
Syunik is the first from marzes of Armenia where such a representation
opens. "It is explained with the issue that Syunik is rather far from
the capital, that's why Syunik suffered at the transitional stage most
of all, so there are many problems here, especially in the sphere of
employment of the inhabitation. I think that the newly opened
representation will assist in solution of those issues, will help to
develop small and medium-sized entrepreneurial activity," Pryakhin

RA Deputy Foreign Minister Arman Bayburdian mentioned that V.Pryakhin
and RA Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian signed on June 9 an additional
report of the Memorandum on Mutual Understanding between the OSCE and
Armenia which gives a legal basis to found offices for implementing
programs in the RA. "The OSCE Yerevan Office has worked in the marz of
Syunik for a long time, it carried out researches, implemented
programs. Syunik is an important marz for Armenia in the
military-political sense that's why Syunik was given preference,"
A.Bayburdian said.