Regnum, Russia
July 3 2006

Armenian commodity turnover has increased by 9.7% and totaled $1.1bn
for the first 5 months of 2006, compared with the same period of
2005. Of the total, exports amounted to $339.1mln (decrease by 4.6%)
and imports - to $768.3mln (increase by 17.4%). As REGNUM was informed
at the Armenian National Statistical Service, credit balance deficit
totaled $429.3mln and $415.4mln without humanitarian aid.

Commodity turnover with the CIS countries amounted to $318mln, or
28.7% of the total, a 22-percent increase compared to January-May,
2005. Commodity turnover with Russia amounted to $137.7mln (12.4%
increase), with the EU countries - $406.8mln (17.7% increase), with
the USA - $49.5mln (8.5% decrease). Within the accounting period,
Armenia exported to the CIS countries goods $60.3mln worth, of which
to Russia - $29.4mln worth.

$278.7mln worth produce was exported to other countries, of which
$184.2mln worth to the EU countries and $19.9% worth into the USA.

For the first 5 months of the period, goods $257.5mln worth were
imported to Armenia from the CIS countries, of which $108.3mln worth
from Russia, $222.6mln worth from the EU, and $29.6 worth from the USA.