By Ara Martirosian

AZG Armenian Daily

The recent seminar held at Congress Hotel was dedicated to Armenia's
prospects for European integration and the economic relations between
Armenia and Europe.

Tigran Jrbashian, head of the Yerevan office of the Center for the
Armenian-European Economic Policy and Legal Consultations, was the
first to hold a speech at the seminar. He represented the indicators
that Armenia has currently achieved, as well as the indicator that is
still ahead until 2008 and 2015, according to the agreement signed
between Armenia and EU. He pointed out the volume of the per capita
gross production that currently costs $600, while in 2015 it should
amount to $ 2700. He also touched upon the correlation of the export
and the gross production volumes. At present, Armenia's export makes
19,5%, while in 2015 it should total to 36,4%. According to several
indicators, in particular, the liberation of economy and the low
inflation level, Armenia keeps in line with the European standards. As
for the economic competitiveness indicator, there is still much to do
in Armenia, as it will hardly manage to meet the European requirements
by 2015.

Vahagn Ghazarian, head of the relevant department at RA Trade and
Economic Development Ministry, represented the Armenian-European
Economic Relations, and the indicators that define the current
situation in this sphere. In particular, he said that Armenian
foreign trade turnover currently amounts to $2 billion 718 million,
while the annual trade turnover with EU makes $1 billion 33 million.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress