Turkish Assyrians Condemn Israeli Attacks

Zaman Online, Turkey
July 30 2006

The Assyrian Christian community in Turkey has condemned the ongoing
Israeli aggression against Lebanon, criticizing Israel for massacring
innocent people.

Christian Assyrian Church priest Gabriel Akyuz labeled the Israeli
attacks as savagery. Akyuz said that the attacks were not justified.
"The United Nations should immediately call for a ceasefire in
Lebanon," he said.

"We, as men of religion, can only pray for peace," Akyuz added.

Father Akyuz said that thousands of Assyrian in Lebanon were living
in fear due to the Israeli attacks. "Some Assyrians who fled from
Beirut found shelter with the Assyrian community in Antakya."

"We are all members of the same family; there is no discrimination
among Muslims, Christians, Jews and Armenians. The war should be