08 July, 2008

This year Golden Apricot International Film Festival has started
cooperation with the Embassies of the USA, People's Republic of China,
Romania, Egypt and Lebanon, Casting director of Golden Apricot Susanna
Harutyunian told journalists.

In her words with support of the Embassies Golden Apricot Film
Festival will have an opportunity to screen films of directors from
the mentioned countries.

Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of William Saroyan films based on
Saroyan's works will be screened with the support of the US Embassy.

The Embassies of Egypt and Lebanon will support Golden Apricot to
present the project "Arabian nights", thus expanding its geographical
coverage. Films made by directors from Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and
Syria will be screened in the framework of the project.

In order to formulate a coherent and long-term policy for its promotion
within Europe and between Europe and its neighboring regions, the
Council of Europe is preparing a "White Paper" on the subject.

The Conference on the Role of the Cinema in encouraging Intercultural
Dialogue falls in line with this priority and will examine the effect
of the cinema on promoting intercultural dialogue. The Conference
will be held in Yerevan during the Golden Apricot Film Festival,
which will enable the variety of festival participants to attend. It
will bring together high caliber representatives of the film world,
film-makers, film distributors, theatre managers, festival organizers
and historians who will discuss this important issue.

Golden Apricot Film Festival will be held on July 13-20. The films
will be shown both in the "Moscow" and "Nairi" Cinemas.

The festival is supported by the RA Ministry of Culture.