01.07.2009 01:59 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The U.S. ambassador to Armenia learned that President
Obama's words do have consequences, as she was peppered with criticism
from Armenian-Americans upset that Mr. Obama is backing off a campaign
pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide, The Washington Times
reports. On a cross-country tour of Armenian-American communities,
Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch has had to defend Mr. Obama while trying
to calm her listeners who are suspicious of a political double-cross.

"I know there is disappointment and even anger at President Obama's
April 24 statement," she said at a meeting in Arlington, Mass.,
referring to Mr. Obama's decision to avoid using the word, "genocide,"
in his address on the annual Armenian Remembrance Day.

"But President Obama went further in his statement than any previous
American president. While we must never forget the past, we also
must work together for a better future." In his April 24 address,
Obama refrained from using the term Genocide and referred to 1915
atrocities as "Mets Yeghern". During his pre-election campaign Obama
had many times promised to recognize Armenian Genocide in Ottoman
Empire in case of being elected as US President.