by Raymundo Dioses


This week, Raymundo gives us all we need to look for at Don King's
'Summer Sizzler' show in Florida on July 11...

The Raging Bull is no stranger to higher weights The 118 pound class
just inherited a boxer with the vernacular of a Heavyweight.

While most of boxing's attention is directed toward the welterweight
division, there is a man who talks with a swift tongue and borders
on the level of a fighter who once beckoned, "I want to eat your

"Your going to feel like someone's hitting you with a hammer."

"I've seen Agbeko's fights and they don't impress me. You will see,
nothing compares to my power. I will knock him out with my power. I
can open my jaw and let him punch it and he still won't hurt me."

That was just a speck of what came out of the mouth of this little man
with a small frame with the nickname "Raging Bull" whose is anything
but short on trash talk and banter that he throws at his opponents
before every contest.

Armenian Vic Darchinyan has been hailed as the flyweight mini-Tyson,
and his words have thus far been backed up by his fists, as the WBA,
WBC & IBF 115 pound champion continues to move up in weight and in
pound for pound polls.

Darchinyan, (32-1, 26 KO's) faces Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko on July
11 at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida as the main event
of the Don King hosted card "Summer Sizzler", which will be aired by
network Showtime.

Darchinyan challenges Agbeko for his IBF bantamweight title, and
took time out Tuesday for a media conference call that showcased his
classic banter of opponents.

"I'm going to knock you out. You are going to feel my power badly,"
Darchinyan said directly to Agbeko during the call.

This writer has attended Darchinyan's last two bouts, both bouts in
which I picked the other man to win. This time, I believe I'll go
with Darchinyan, especially if its true that he says he's hitting
five times harder than he was in his last fight.

Agbeko, (26-1, 22KO's) knew better than anyone what he should expect in
the weeks leading up to the fight, and even attempted some return fire.

"You can punch. I'm ready for your punch. After this fight, your
always going to be scared in the ring."

"I'm going to do to you what Azumah Nelson did to Jeff Fenech
in Australia," said Agbeko, noting to his fellow Ghanian Nelson's
stunning upset in 1992 by way of TKO in the eighth round."

"King Kong" has some validated confidence heading into next Saturday's
nationally televised fight. This will be the third defense of his IBF
title and his only loss was highly disputed and even Darchniyan took
time to address his loss, stating that he felt Agbeko was robbed,
but that he'll personally hand the African his first loss.

During the phone conference, the trash talk was egged on by Don King
Productions' Alan Hopper and Gary Shaw, Darchinyan's promoter, had
more than a mouthful to say.

"Vic's been eating up Mexican's lately, and he asked me for a change
of diet. So I got him an African," said Shaw, who heads his own Gary
Shaw Promotions.

"I believe I represent probably a fighter who will go down as one
of the greatest boxers to ever fight in the lower weights in the
history of boxing. Please tell all the poachers out there that Vic
and I are bound together for life. I want everyone who's on this call
to hear that."

Shaw also stated that if WBA welterweight champion Shane Mosley still
hasn't found an opponent after July 11, that he'll pit Darchinyan
against Mosley. Darchinyan has made it known he is seeking to keep
moving up in weight, and even stated that his walking around weight
is 142.

Could we see a 'Pacquiao' like ascension from Darchinyan? The Armenian
is only three years older than Pacquaio at 33, and started his career
seven pounds heavier than Pacquaio at 114. Pacquaio used 2008 to fight
in three different divisions, and now sits on top of the boxing world
as the most sought after opponent in the welterweight division.

Will there be a Darchinyan v. Mosley, or even Darchinyan v. Pacquiao
in the future? Only time will tell.

As for now, Darhinyan is looking to be successful in the bantamweight
division on Saturday, July, in a fight is a scheduled twelve rounds
for Agbeko's IBF bantamweight title.

Who will it be? King Kong or the Raging Bull?