Brenda Jensen, News reporter

Richmond Daily News

Rob Kinnard is preparing to go to Lebanon for his yearly mission to
serve the people there and to teach them more about the gospel of
Jesus Christ.

A bon voyage is planned for 6 p.m., July 2, at BOTT Radio Station,
111 E. North Main in Richmond. The public is invited.

The program includes Dan Snell, director of public operations for BOTT
Radio, who will give a very short commissioning message. Chris Wier,
vice-president of International Sports Evangelists, will welcome
supporters. Kinnard, president of ISE, will also welcome those who
come to see him off.

"I'm leaving Richmond by myself this year. Most of our team have just
returned from other missions or are preparing for other events this
year," said Kinnard.

Kinnard will miss two individuals that have traditionally stood
alongside him on this mission. Chris and Cherith Wier have just
recently returned from South Africa where they served as part of
Christian Fellowship Ministries.

"Larry Nowicki, also an ISE team member, has been on a permanent
mission in Lebanon since May," Kinnard said. "He'll take a furlough in
December and return in January. It takes courage and faith to do this."

Other ISE team members, John and Becky Wier, have a wedding to plan
and Joe Nichols is now a fulltime pastor in Hale, Mo.

Kinnard may travel a portion of the distance solo, but he'll join
up with others that are serving with Living Faith Ministries for
this trip.

"I'll be a featured guest this time. My goal is to hand off the
leadership of the Children's Ministry and Sports Evangelism to the
volunteers in Lebanon," said Kinnard. "We've been equipping them for
the past 10 years and it's exciting to see they're prepared to go to
the next level of ministry. They'll be taking care of it fulltime now."

As for what's on the horizon as far as he feels his mission involves,
Kinnard said, "I'm looking at all options. I have an idea about some
other projects with Living Faith Ministries, and I've been praying
about going to Egypt to begin the same ministry we began 10 years
ago in Lebanon."

After the brief messages from the speakers, there will be prayer time
for Rob. He'll be serving as the Director of Children's Ministry and
Sports Ministry.

It was just two years ago that Kinnard and the ISE team found
themselves unable to leave Lebanon during a particularly violent
period of unrest in the country. A prayer vigil was held at First
Baptist Church in Richmond that drew many to ask for the Lord's hand
in bringing the team home safely.

"During my trip to Lebanon, I'd like to ask that we pray for the doors
to be opened to teach the gospel there, for the safety of my family,
the people in Lebanon and me, and for the Lord's hand to grant miracles
there to win people for Him," said Kinnard.

Refreshments will be served when prayer time concludes.

Photo: "Yo Baby Yo" in any language means fun.

Rob Kinnard and Cherith Wier, left, line up Armenian children for
basketball handling games at a Summer Children's Camp during the
International Sports Evangelists ninth trip to Lebanon July 2008.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress