12:23 pm | June 29, 2010 | Politics

"People's Power" public-political initiative has issued a statement:

"Recently, Armenia and Artsakh have appeared in isolation from the
world and have been neglected by the international community. Proof of
this are the international community's, including the OSCE Minsk Group
Co-Chairing countries' inadequate responses to the infinite number
of violations of the ceasefire regime on the part of Azerbaijan,
which didn't stop even after the fruitless and shameful "voyages"
of the illegitimate abroad.

The Republic of Armenia continues to be an "undesired" country which
is the result of the transition from a dictatorship to betraying
domestic politics from the first years of independence.

The victory of democracy and the establishment of the people's power
are the only and correct ways for making the Republic of Armenia
become a distinguished member of the international community that
enjoys equal rights, fairly settling the Karabakh conflict and shaping
the well-being and happy present and future for Armenia and Artsakh.

Only the authorities elected through free, fair and transparent
elections are committed to serving the nation. A political line of
conduct running contrary to that has nothing to do with democracy
because in that case, the enslaved people serve those who stole power
and those who are oppressing and robbing our Homeland, as well as
bargaining our children's dignity and future.

Based on the above mentioned, we demand that

-the political prisoners most of which are participants and heroes
of the Artsakh war be unreservedly and immediately released, -all
citizens who place public and national interests as priorities stand
up and fight for the unreserved restoration of Constitutional Order
in the Republic of Armenia, -the person who seized the office of
president and stole power from the people through the 10 murders
of March 1-2 immediately resign, -the factions that call themselves
the parliamentary opposition (by notice of the PACE and without it)
drop their mandates and undertake the urgent initiative to form
legitimate authorities, which is the ultimate democratic value,"
as stated in the statement.

From: A. Papazian