Armen Davtyan

11:54 am | Today | Social

More than 70 pigs have been slaughtered in five swine-breeding farms in
the village of Khdrants, Syunik Marz. Earlier, some 20 pigs reportedly
died in the marz of some unknown disease.

It is already 15 days veterinary surgeons cannot find the reasons
for the infection. They say villagers failed to vaccinate the pigs
in time, hence the outbreak of the infection.

The locals are confident that the pigs are infected with African
plague, which reached the village two years ago.

To avoid the further spread of epidemic, the neighbouring villages
have slaughtered all pigs and buried them safely outside the village.

Edgar Tokhsants, Head of Syunik's State Veterinary and Food Safety
Inspection, says the results of analysis will be known in three days.

From: A. Papazian