July 29, 2010

The Central Board of the Conservative Party has issued a statement:

"Welcoming the non-governmental organizations and citizens for their
long-running fight in defense of Teghut, we are certain that the banks
that will provide funding for the exploitation of Teghut Forest will
function against the vital interests of the Republic of Armenia.

We call on citizens of Armenia to temporarily abstain from making
any transactions through "VTB" Bank, which is trying to neglect the
Armenian people and their vital interests through funding for the
exploitation. If the cynicism reaches the point when the "VTB" Bank
will dare to execute the shameful exploitation of Teghut, then we
must fully boycott the bank and consider its presence in the Republic
of Armenia as persona non grata in the awareness of the people,"
as stated in the statement.

From: A. Papazian