JUNE 29, 2011

The "Heritage" party is ready to cooperate with all the political
forces who are concerned with the future of Armenia, member of the
"Heritage" party's faction, member of the Armenian delegation to PACE
Zaruhi Postanjyan said at a news conference today. She added that
the party has always been open for cooperation and has periodically
conducted discussions, meetings.

"Heritage" has never put any discrimination in respect of cooperation.

We are ready to work both with the political forces and
non-governmental establishments and active individuals", Zaruhi
Postanjyan pointed out. Speaking about the possibility of cooperation
with the Armenian National Congress, she said they are ready to
cooperate with all but did not mention the name of the ANC.

Referring to Armenia's response over the question she addressed to
Serzh Sargsyan in Strasburg, she said she does not agree with the
voiced opinions. "I do not think that the pre-context of my question
that my step may be described as betrayal is correct. I do not agree
with the viewpoints that instead of voicing the issues here I apply
to other countries. Armenia is member of the Council of Europe and
I may use my right and voice a question", the parliamentarian said.