Gagik Minasyan: Azerbaijan showed in Kazan its indifference toward
decisions of international community

10:15, 1 July, 2011


It is obvious that the Kazan meeting will have its positive impact in
respects that the Azerbaijani party again displayed its indifference
over the position of international community and co-chairing
countries, member of the Republican party of Armenia Gagik Minasyan
said speaking to Armenpress.

"They say one thing during discussions and quite another after
reaching Baku. The developments showed that this time as well Ilham
Aliyev like in St. Petersburg, not participating in the initially
scheduled events, left. It is impossible to keep this approach for a
long time as the international community will form a corresponding
attitude with not only words but actions", Gagik Minasyan said.

Referring to the statement of the co-chairs that if the parties in
Kazan would not come to agreement, they will come forth with new
proposals, Minasyan noted that the new suggestions must deprive
Azerbaijan from the opportunity of displaying unconstructive behavior.

"First Azerbaijan must be deprived of the opportunity to solve the
issue in the military way. It is already a prepared step as the
Deauville statement noted that the resuming of the military activities
will be condemned and the step to do it will be the direct recognition
of independence of Nagorno Karabakh", the parliamentarian said, adding
that it is very important as Azerbaijan will be deprived of the
prospect of military settlement of the conflict. According to
Minasyan, the second is that sooner or later NK must become a
negotiating party, which is important for transferring the process to
the constructive phase. The ground for it has been laid by the
Deauville statement of the heads of the co-chairing countries, as it
was addressed not to Armenia and Azerbaijan but the conflicting
parties, including Nagorno Karabakh.

"Recently when the US President Barack Obama had a phone conversation
with the presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia, he also spoke about
Armenia and NK. These may be the new proposals that may be included in
the process", Minasyan said.