Radik Martirosyan: Armenia's science leading in the region

12:35, 1 July, 2011


"Though many insist that our science is not developing, the results of
researches of a number of international authoritative organizations
prove that we are on the first place in the region with the index of
development of science", chairman of the Armenian National Academy of
Sciences Radik Martirosyan said.

According to him, they are working in three directions - increase of
efficiency of scientific researches, high-quality young staff,
international cooperation. The chairman of the academy said for
increasing the efficiency of scientific researches it is necessary to
focus the forces on the prior branches of science and as for engaging
young people young members of the academy have been involved in the
administrative body.

"Why young people are not attracted with being scientific workers,
because the image of scientific worker is dropped in our society and
the most important issue is the social factor. Our scientific workers
are getting 60 000 drams salary from the state budget which of course
is not enough for normal living", the chairman of NAS said.

In respect of international cooperation the things are better. "We are
cooperating with many countries. It is also a financial source. Almost
all the institutions of the academy are implementing grant programs
currently. It is clear that the majority of grants are being spent on
salaries but as far as all the employees of the institutions cannot be
at the same time engaged in the programs, not salaries of all win",
Radik Martirosian said.

The scientific devices need to be upgraded as well but they are rather

From: A. Papazian