After Scandal, Armenian Cellist Awarded First Prize in Tchaikovsky Competition

07.01.2011 13:04

Armenian national Narek Hakhnazaryan was awarded the gold medal and
first prize in cello in the 14th International Tchaikovsky Competition
in Moscow.

The award ceremony was held on the evening of Jun. 30 at the
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and broadcast live on the competition's
official website.

Other winners include Russia's Daniil Trifonov (first prize in piano),
Russia's Sergey Dogadin (second prize in violin - note, no first prize
was awarded in this category), Israel's Itamar Zorman (second prize,
violin), South Korea's Sun Young Seo (first prize in vocals, female)
and South Korea's Jong Min Park (first prize in vocals, male).

As previously reported, at rehearsals on Jun. 25, Artistic Director
and Chief Conductor of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia
(Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra) and National Artist of Russia Mark
Gorenstein told the orchestra: `Don't let it concern you at all what
this talent, this aul [a small village in the mountains; meant to
indicate lack of respect] presented to us is playing. Your task is to
play what is written there in the score and to do it with me.' This
statement offended journalists who were at the recital, after which
the story gained public attention.

This was followed by an official statement on the competition website
which stated that the organizing committee considered Gorenstein's
remarks to be insulting. Hakhnazaryan subsequently received an apology
from the conductor.

`I would like to explain my position regarding the incident,'
Gorenstein told Itar-Tass. `First, it was a conversation within the
team. Second, I assure you, I neither conveyed nor did I wish to
convey any nationalist undertones in my remarks, since that is totally
foreign both to me personally and to our team... I am very sorry about
what happened and I offer my sincere apologies to all those who I hurt
with my words,' said Gorenstein.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress