Word on the Street: Yerevan Residents' Opinions on Armenia
Participating in Eurovision in Baku

07.01.2011 15:43 epress.am

Armenia's participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest (to be
held in Azerbaijan) not yet confirmed, Epress.am decided to ask
passers-by on the streets of Yerevan (who turned out to be exclusively
students) their opinion on the matter.

`To be honest, I'm not particularly interested in Eurovision, and, in
my opinion, it's stupid to think to participate or not. Well now, it's
a contest, let them participate, what difference if it's in Azerbaijan
or anywhere else. It's something else altogether if there will be
problems with national security, but they should consider that on a
state level,' said Yerevan State University (YSU) journalism student

`I myself don't see anyone as a potential participant. For me, it's
all the same,' she added.

Two female students from the Armenian Agricultural Academy were
strongly against Armenia's participation in Eurovision in Baku, since
`they're not so much [i.e. Azerbaijan is not such a big deal], that
Armenia has to go and sing on their land.' And if Armenia decides to
participate? `It wouldn't be bad for Razmik Amyan to participate.'

A group of female YSU cultural studies students were also in favor of
Razmik Amyan as Armenia's contestant in the 2012 Eurovision contest,
since `he's very good, he has a strong voice, and he corresponds to
Eurovision's standards.'

`But why shouldn't he participate? The important thing he's a normal
guy, and Razmik Amyan as a singer is good,' said one State Engineering
University of Armenia student.

`Absolutely we must participate and definitely we will win,' said
Kristina Hayrapetyan, a Yerevan State Medical University student. She
too seemed bent on sending Razmik Amyan to represent Armenia.

Another group of Armenian Agricultural Academy students, however,
would prefer Mher as Armenia's contestant.

`I think there shouldn't be any obstacle to our participation; on the
contrary, we have to go and present an Armenian song with national
rhythms. I'm convinced that by [Armenia] participating in Azerbaijan,
the Armenian diaspora will vote more actively and we'll achieve some
sort of success. I would want the group Dorians or Mher to go. I am
indifferent toward Razmik Amyan's participation; let me not say
anything else bad,' said self-proclaimed activist Arman Gharibyan.