Panorama, Armenia
July 1 2011

FIDE rating list of world top players: Levon Aronian is the 3rd

FIDE has released July 2011 rating list of top players. Armenian GM
Levon Aronian (2808) is the third world top player. Aronian has left
behind Sergey Karjakin by 17 points, who occupies the fourth
The rating list is chaired by Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. He surpassed
world champion Anand. Anand didn't have any games in May and June, and
Carlsen recorded victories in Romanian tournament.

1. Magnus Carlsen (Norway)-2821
2. Wisvanathan Anand (India)-2817
3. Levon Aronian (Armenia)-2805
4. Sergey Karjakin (Russia)-2788
5. Vladimir Kramnik (Russia)-2781
6. Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine)-2768
7. Ruslan Ponomarov (Ukraine)-2768
8. Vesselin Topalov (Bulgaria)-2768
9. Hikaru Nakamura (USA)-2766
10. Shahriyar Mamediarov (Azerbaijan)-2765