Panorama, Armenia
July 1 2011

Armenian President: Baku makes 4th attempt in 15 months to change the
negotiating document

Official Baku appeared in Kazan summit with a document of 10
proposals, President Serzh Sargsyan declared today in a joint news
conference with his Ukrainian counterpart. The President has at the
same time reminded his PACE address, where he said if Azerbaijan
didn't appear with new changes, advancement would be recorded, reporter tells.

`We could record advancement in Kazan, But, regretfully, it was
failed. Official Baku behaved the way they are used to during the last
year,' Serzh Sargsyan declared adding they've prepared a document of
10 issues to be changed.

`The same scenario is being repeated for the fourth time within 15
months,' President said.

`I think, that one chance has been missed. It doesn't necessarily mean
the end of negotiations. But we've missed the period leading to the
next meeting. Russian President and the leaders of OSCE Minsk Group
co-chairing states have confirmed their readiness to continue the
efforts, and Russian President told me in phone conversation he's
drafted his vision. I think, we'll soon get it and see how we could
advance,' President of Armenia concluded.