Georgy Petrosyan will Leave Post of NKR Foreign Minister

Story from News:

Published: 17:41:17 - 02/07/2011

The information unit of the ARF Dashnaktsutiun informs that the 31st
General Assembly of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun ended on July 1. The
Assembly elected the members of the ARF-D Bureau. The elected Bureau
members are:

Vigen Baghumyan
Davit Lokyan
Vahan Hovhannesyan
Hrant Margaryan
Levon Lazarian
Mkrtich Mkrtichyan
Mario Nalpantian
Georgy Petrosyan
Hakob Ter-Khachaturian

On July 2 Hrant Margaryan was elected Representative of the ARF Bureau.

By the way, election to the Bureau means that the NKR foreign minister
Georgy Petrosyan must leave his post.