Kurds declare de facto sovereignty in Diyarbekir - Turkish journalist

12:50 - 01.07.11

The independent members of the Turkish parliament have actually
declared sovereignty in the town of Diyarbekir, a Turkish journalist
has said.

In an interview with Euronews, Bejan Matur, a columnist for the
government-run newspaper Zaman, addressed the post-electoral
developments in Turkey, particularly, the independent Kurdish MPs'
decision to boycott the parliament sessions, and the possible progress
in the settlement of the Kurdish issue.

Matur, who is an author of numerous articles and a book about Kurds,
said the current situation in the country prevents Prime Minister
Recep Tayyip Erdogan from enjoying what she called the fruits of his

"There were quite different expectations and ambitions in the
pre-election period. Nothing was known about the re-arrangement of
forces after the election. But the situation became quite clear early
in the morning on June 13. The ruling Justice and Development party
had held a victory. Besides, we witnessed the high self-discipline of
the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy party," she said, considering both
political parties winners in the recent parliamentary polls.

She noted that the Republican People's Party had suffered disappointment.

"But looking upon the situation after the inauguration ceremony we see
it casts shadow upon the victory of the ruling Justice and Development
Party," she said.

As for the de facto souvreignty of the independent Kurish MPs, the
analyst noted that they now conduct all their meetings Diyarbekir.

She further stressed the importance of PKK leader's role.

"Ocalan's factor is very important here. He makes calls for peace. Now
he speaks about July 15 [the deadline set to Ankara]. It remains to be
seen whether that time limit will extend to September 15," she added.

Asked whether Ocalan may be set free upon the completion of the
process she said: "All this is aimed at releasing Ocalan. I can't say
whether that will happen in three or five years, but that's the final