, Armenia
July 2 2011

Armenian Police to become member of International Police Association

July 02, 2011 | 19:08

YEREVAN. - Before achieving full membership, Armenian police must
undergo several procedures but we are hopeful that our goal, the full
membership of Armenian Police Service in the International Police
Association will be fulfilled by 2012, said the chairman of IPA
Michael Odysseos at a press conference in Yerevan on Saturday.

Odysseos mentioned that the primary goal of his visit is creation of
Armenian branch of IPA.

Chairman of IPA Armenian branch Gigor Sahakyan said that IPA
membership increases the role and significance of police in
international arena.

`Armenia has diplomatic relations only with 12 out of 62 members of
IPA. Full membership will avail protection of any Armenian on the
territories of IPA member-states,' Sahakyan said.