, Azerbaijan
July 2 2011

Armenia makes military solution to the conflict urgent - MP
Sat 02 July 2011 07:12 GMT | 3:12 Local Time

The military parade of the armed forces of our country that took
place a few days ago showed that the army is one of the strongest
armies in region.
The remarks came from Aydin Mirzazade, deputy chairman of the security
and defence committee of the Azerbaijani Parliament, the Milli Majlis.

"Over the years our army has really become a very powerful force,
which is not inferior to the most advanced armies of the world for its
technical equipment and combat readiness. Head of state Ilham Aliyev
attaches special importance to military construction, and our army has
reached such heights due to the expedient policy by the head of state.
Moreover, the Azerbaijani people have always supported their own army,
and this is a sign of the unity between the army and the people," said

Mirzazade noted that though Azerbaijani army can at any moment fulfill
its tasks, Azerbaijan is committed to a peaceful way to resolve the

"And the international community wants a solution to the conflict.
Aspirations and actions of Azerbaijan in this direction are clear.
However, the enemy party still makes groundless territorial claims,
does not take a clear commitment to liberate the occupied territories,
and it therefore makes military solution to the conflict urgent.

Armenia must finally realize that it can not indefinitely keep the
occupied territories of a neighbor. The time works against it,"
Mirzazade noted.