Georgian Parliament grants legal status to the Armenian Apostolic Church

13:09, 2 July, 2011


The Georgian Parliament introduced amendments to the Civil Code,
according to which five religious groups were granted legal status,
Novosti-Georgia reports.

Legal status has been given to the Armenian Apostolic Church, the
Roman Catholic Church, the Muslim community, the Jewish community and
the Baptist church in Georgia.

The oppositional "Christian-Democrats" faction voted against the bill.
"The Georgian Church does not have a similar status. We need to
understand whether Azerbaijan and Armenia will grant the same status
to the Georgian church," member of faction Nikoloz Laliashvili stated.

However, according to officials, the bill does not reduce the role of
the Georgian Orthodox Church. "Granting legal status does not provide
special rights and the Georgian church maintains the highest status,"
Vice-Speaker Gigi Tsereteli noted.

"The role of the Georgian Orthodox Church does not reduce, it
maintains the highest status", parliament speaker of Georgia Davit
Bakradze said.