Fares for travelling by passengers buses, mini buses and taxi in
Yerevan will not go up: Yerevan mayor

YEREVAN, July 1. / ARKA /. Fares for traveling by buses, minibuses and
taxi in Yerevan will not climb, Yerevan Mayor Karen Karapetyan writes
in his Facebook account.

"A new route network is being formed for ground passenger traffic. Our
main purpose is to replace minibuses by large and medium-sized buses.
The network will be shaped in such a way so as to rule out rise of
prices in the foreseeable future ", the mayor says.

"We have already agreed to purchase 200 buses from China, and will be
consistent, because buses are the future of passenger transport," says
the mayor.

The fares at the Yerevan metro doubled from July 1 from 50 drams
(about $ 0.13) to 100 drams (about 0.26 dollar).
Over-ground minibuses charge 100 drams per passenger. The Yerevan
authorities say that the subsidized underground serves up to 20
million passengers a year, or only about 10 percent of Yerevan's total
passenger traffic. Even after the fare rise, the underground commuter
train service will not be paying its way and will still rely on a
subsidy as serving one passenger costs an estimated 160 drams,
according to mayor Karapetian.

According to the municipality, the rise in underground fare is
stipulated by an agreement Armenia signed with the European Investment
Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
which have committed to provide a 10 million Euros loan and a 5
million grant for modernization of the facility. Mayor Karapetyan said
also that municipal authorities plan along with the move to curtail
some of the minibus routes duplicating the metro lines. Yerevan
underground (Metro) was commissioned in 1981 and currently operates
ten subway stations. The total length of subway lines is 13.4 km.($ 1
- 373.81 drams). -0-