"Educating a New Generation: The Model of the 'Genocide & Human Rights
University Program," an article by Dr. Joyce Apsel, will be featured
in the forthcoming issue of the prestigious Human Rights Review,
Zoryan Institute of Canada reported.

The article describes and analyzes this innovative, higher education

Human Rights Review provides a forum for developing and debating
human rights issues and their underlying theoretical and philosophical
foundations. It publishes articles and essays from all academic areas
and addresses the many human rights issues that concern, or ought to
concern, the world today.

Joyce Apsel is a historian and attorney. She is also the founder
and director of the non-profit Rights Works International, a former
president of the International Association of Genocide Scholars,
the current President of the Institute for the Study of Genocide,
and a faculty member of the Genocide and Human Rights University
Program ("GHRUP") for the past nine years. Her 2010 article, "Darfur:
Historic Processes and Regional Dynamics," received the Outstanding
Article Award from the Peace, War and Conflict section of the American
Sociological Association.

As the Genocide and Human Rights University Porgram (GHRUP) prepares
to launch its tenth year under the directorship of eminent professor
Roger W. Smith, Prof. Apsel comments, "Ten years is a long time and
quite an accomplishment for the Zoryan Institute...It actually is
quite remarkable to see the development and the added layers and
richness of the course as it has evolved over the past decade."

Commenting on the significance of the article, Prof. Herbert Hirsch,
Professor of Political Science at Virginia Commonwealth University,
a renowned specialist on genocide prevention, an editor of Genocide
Studies & Prevention, and one of the distinguished faculty members
of the GHRUP stated, "It is so rewarding to see that the GHRUP
continues to gain recognition as it develops a critical network
of students and scholars worldwide who are informed, aware, and
active when it comes to genocide research, publication, education,
and prevention. This growing network fostered by the GHRUP creates a
ripple effect of mobilized disciples, worldwide, all working towards
a common goal-genocide prevention."

The Zoryan Institute is the parent organization of the International
Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, which runs an annual,
accredited university program on the subject and is co-publisher
of Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal in
partnership with the International Association of Genocide Scholars
and the University of Toronto Press. It is the first non-profit,
international center devoted to the research and documentation of
contemporary issues with a focus on Genocide, Diaspora and Armenia.

From: Baghdasarian