Trend AZ
July 29, 2011

A few days ago Serzh Sargsyan put himself on the spot with his absurd
statements, which is worthy to locksmith, and cannot be understood
by a sensible man, even not mentioning its justification, Head of
the Foreign Relations Department at the Azerbaijani Presidential
Administration Novruz Mammadov told Trend on Thursday.

"People of more mature age cannot be so easily deceived and that is
called "bum steer". Therefore, Serzh Sargsyan more often speaks to the
country's young audience in recent years. He tells them fairy tales,
stories, legends on the "historic topic," Mammadov said.

Commenting on Sargsyan's address to Armenian youth, who said: "We
conquered Nagorno-Karabakh, let the new generation conquer Agri Dagh",
Mammadov said this is a very dangerous trend, as it contributes to
bringing up Armenia's young generation in the spirit of aggressor.

"The question arises what is Sargsyan's aim? If he aims to bring up
heroes, then I would like to remind him of a Russian general Majevski's
opinion, who said "Heroes" of the Armenians were the executioners of
their people than rescuers," he added.

Mammadov said Sargsyan again spoke in his usual manner at a press
conference on the occasion of the Polish president's visit to Yerevan
yesterday [July 27]. "Sargsyan's attempt to show Armenia as a fair side
in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is always seemed sly. At the above
mentioned meeting with the Armenian youth a few days ago, Sargsyan
spoke enthusiastically about his views of international law in the
context of nations' right for self-determination," Mammadov noted.

Mammadov said Sargsyan is trying to convince the Polish president
that democracy rules in Nagorno Karabakh, and government and elections
are legitimate.

"But quite fair question arises here whether how the president, who
ordered to use force against hundreds of peaceful demonstrators killing
dozens of people in order to stay in power, can assess democracy in any
elections. Doesn't Sargsyan forget about it? I don't think so. Most
of all it is another manifestation of his cunning and hypocrisy. No
wonder why the Armenians say for themselves: "We have hypocrisy even
in mother's womb," he said. How Sargsyan can speak about democratic
elections and a democracy, when he personally took part in the
genocide against the Azerbaijani population of Nagorno-Karabakh,
in the famous massacre at the Armenian parliament," Mammadov added.

Therefore, the Armenian president has no choice but to "muddle brain"
of foreign distinguished guests, he added.

From: A. Papazian