July 29, 2011

"The Armenian Government is strongly concerned over the problem of
migration. In particular, we are concerned over the Russian program
"Compatriots", which stimulates undesirable migration from the
republic", Head of the State Migration Service under the Armenian
Ministry of Territorial Administration Gagik Yeganyan said at today's
press conference.

The state program "Compatriots" is aimed at resettling the people,
who found themselves outside Russia after the collapse of the USSR
and who wish to move to Russia. The program is meant for 2006-2012.

"Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan also expressed his concern
over this program during a meeting with intellectuals. Since the
launch of this program in Armenia in 2007, a total of 780 families
or 1897 people have left Armenia up to 15 June 2011. Moreover, the
main flow of potential migrants from Armenia to Russia (18827 people)
fell on the past 8 months. A total of 29.5 thsd people have applied
to the office of "Compatriots", and 997 more people have received
the status of migrants", he said.

In 2008 a total of 23 thsd people migrated from Armenia to permanent
place of residence, in 2009 - 25 thsd, in 2010 - 30 thsd. It is
noteworthy that over Jan-June 2011 the number of migrants exceeded
67 thsd people.

Yeganyan also stressed that no growing rates of migration from Armenia
were registered over the past 2 years. At the same time, however,
he did not rule out migration flows from the republic.

"Migration is typical to the whole world", he said and called on
Armenian mass media to present the real picture of migration in the
publications. In general, the number of those who left the country over
the crisis period declined from 60 thsd to 30 thsd people due to the
lack of job in Armenia, however, as Russia was gradually overcoming
the crisis, the index of temporary migrants started reaching the
level of 2007", he said.

Yeganyan added that in order to provide the citizens with full and
reliable information about the migration processes, the Migration
Service opened the website He said that the citizens
can familiarize themselves with the local and international legislation
regulating the migration flows.

From: A. Papazian