Story from News:
Published: 10:52:38 - 30/06/2012

Yesterday the military doctor Vahe Avetyan died. Vahe Avetyan was in
coma. The doctor, 33 had severe brain injuries.

He was brutally beaten in Harsnakar Restaurant owned by Ruben
Hairapetyan by the bodyguards of the member of parliament on June 17.

After the incident the case was sent to the investigative department
of the Ministry of Defense, then the prosecutor general transferred
the case to the police. The army leadership announced that it was
a matter of honor but honor lasted for only a few hours which were
used by the system to reach an agreement and proceed with the case
along the agreed path.

In fact, the criminal oligarchic system again demonstrated that its
will dominates everything, including the honor of the army and the
life of the officer. The representatives of the system announced that
Ruben Hairapetyan should not be linked with his bodyguards or security
guards of his restaurant and he did not order them to beat the doctors.

Welcome to Armenia where nobody has to do with anything when specific
responsibility is concerned. Galust Sahakyan even states that we all
are guilty.

The incident shocked the society. The discussion in press and social
networks forced the system to keep at least the cover of the case.

A wave of protest was expected from the army, Vahe's colleagues.

Meanwhile, it became known a few days ago that the doctors celebrated
the doctor's day in the same restaurant. It is not important if it
is true or false. The system once again humiliated the society with
this information.

The criminal oligarchic system in Armenia has usurped all the spheres
of life, dominates all the leverages and keeps people in slavery. Each
and every representative of the system is directly or indirectly
related to a murder case. It is a cannibal system, even though its
analysts and minstrels try to present a different picture. Once they
even stated that the oligarchs are not to blame, the government forced
them to act so. As if the government is not part of this system.

Here are those guilty mentioned by Galust. Meanwhile, the society
and people must ask themselves how come some hundreds of people
dominate the country, sending others into misery and humiliation,
forcing them to emigrate, commit a suicide or reconcile with the
reality. This already the society's fault.