Utility Products
June 29 2012

Over the past 5 years Armenia increased the electric power output
of small hydropower plants (HPPs) for four times, which is the main
achievement in the green energy production, Deputy Minister of Energy
and Natural Resources of Armenia, Areg Galstyan, told ArmInfo.

He said that four years ago the small HPPs of Armenia generated 120
mln KW/h of electric power, in 2011 - a bit more than 400 mln KW/h,
and in 2012 this index will approach 500 mln KW/h, which will be 8%
of the total energy output in the country. "This is a brilliant
result and it is the most essential achievement of Armenia in the
green energy production sphere for the past few years", said Galstyan.

He pointed out that renewable energy is pollution-free energy, as the
small HPPs cause the least damage to the environment. Galstyan thinks
the economically demanded and grounded potential for the small HPPs
is about 300 mln KW/h for the next few years.

According to Galstyan, Armenia is trying to develop the renewable power
generation, and observes all the environmental requirements at the same
time. "We word out all our programs with due regard for environmental
standards", he said. He also pointed out that the Ministry sees that
the HPPs are not built in national parks and sanctuaries.

He said that according to the strategy of the Water Code, it is
first of all necessary to supply the communities with drinking and
irrigation water, and only after that to use the water for electric
power generation. He added that the prime cost of electric power of
the small HPPs is comparatively low, though it is higher than the
prime cost of the electric power generated by the Nuclear Power Plant.

To note, since last year the maximum admissible capacity for the small
HPPs in Armenia has been increased to 30 MW against the former 10 MW.

There are over 100 small HPPs in Armenia.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress