Friday, 29 June 2012 16:34

The announcement of the "Movement-88" party

Dear citizens of Nagorno Karabakh Republic

A great many generations of the Armenian nation dreamed of creation of
a socially fair and democratic state with self-sufficient, independent
and well off society and to realize this dream the history has afforded
us a fatal opportunity. Our ability of self-organization will actually
determine the future existence of the Armenian ethnos.

Unfortunately, the policy carried out by the NKR authorities during
the post-war years, the inability of thinking independently in the
matters of national security, the grossly bloated state governing
system, the spheres of failed local self-government system and the
endangered social security of the country, the explicit privatization
of state property, the irrational cadre policy and favouritism,
the polarization between different sectors of the society which has
increased to enormous extent distorted the basis of independent state
creation, shattered the common will of our population leaving hardly
anything from the national unity of 1988.

That is the umpteenth time at the crossroads of history our nation has
stood close to the realization of its goals but suddenly everything
goes upside down. Unfortunately this is not an overstatement but a
real perspective.

The reasons for the current situation should be sought for in the
indifferent attitude and neutral stance as well as in the unwarranted
adaptability of many of us.

Time is ripe for us to say 'NO' unanimously to our distorted reality.

Dear compatriots, we apply to you, our supporters, all our citizens
anxious about the future of our nation and ask you to vote for Vitali
Balasanyan whose participation in the electoral campaign is stipulated
by averting the real threat the future of the NKR faces. He proved
his ability of defending our Motherland when our nation faced with
the problem of its physical existence.

From: Baghdasarian