The resolution of the Syrian crisis will be a long drawn-out process,
its impact already being tangible on the region and other countries
worldwide, an Armenian expert has said.

"A civil conflict may drag on for years but no resolution is visible,
at least in the coming year," Suren Manukyan, an Arab studies
specialist, told a news conference on Friday.

The latest impressive development, according to him, was the shooting
out of the Turkish plane by the Syria air troops.

"It is not the first plane to transgress the Syrian [air] border,"
he said. "The incident implies that the Syrians are making a gesture
in an attempt to let them know that they are going to adopt a hard
line on the neighbors, without any intention to look upon this kind
of incidents through fingers," he said.

Manukyan noted that the move demonstrated West's unpreparedness for
such policies.

"This incident will not cause a war but it will demonstrate that they
are more resolutely disposed, enjoying Russia's evident support,"
he said.

The expert noted that Russia considers elections the only way out of
the Syrian crisis.

The Russian stance implies snap presidential polls in the country but
they won't be held unless President Bashar al-Assad is convinced he
will be re-elected, Manukyan said.

As for the West, he said they are seeking to topple Assad by triggering
a financial crisis, rather than a war.

"Syria is already experiencing serious financial difficulties,"
Manukyan added.