Activists to attend Vahe Avetyan's funeral
18:26 - 01.07.12

Facebook activists demanding to punish the guilty in Harsnaqar case
are gathering today at 6pm at the Yerevan Kanaker-Zeitun market to
march to the house of Vahe Avetyan where the funerals of the doctor
will take place.

Major Vahe Avetyan was the chief of the ENT Department of the Yerevan
Garrison Hospital. He underwent three surgeries, but doctors didn't
manage to save his life. Remaining unconscious for about a fortnight,
he died on Friday evening.

His death raised a wave of public anger. People are conducting protest
rallies in streets, elaborate intensive activity in Facebook.

A candle-lighting ceremony was held yesterday in front of Harsnaqar
restaurant and a protest rally in front of presidential residence

The participants of today's action marched to the building of the
Prosecutor General's Office, and then to the Government building. They
were holding posters `You won't digest it', `I am Vahe'.