Colonel tried to blow up restaurant in Armenia
July 01, 2012 | 10:58

YEREVAN - On July 1 early in the morning information has been received
that in Armenian Harsnaqar restaurant explosive materials of unknown
origin were found.

Earlier this week the high-ranking military doctor, who was brutally
beaten in mid-June allegedly by the Harsnaqar restaurant security and
staff employees died after suffering for almost two weeks.

The press-service of the Armenian National Security Service informed
Armenian that a rapid response team of emergency
management center, rescue squad and a military squad immediately
headed to the spot. In the restaurant there was found a military bag
with two grenades, arms and an explosive materials of unknown origin.
At 7.25 a.m. sappers moved the bag to a secure place.

According to unofficial information, the explosive materials were
brought to the Harsnaqar restaurant by a Colonel of Armenian MOD
Vardan Samvelyan, who treatened to blow up the restaurant. After the
negotiations, the colonel has been neutralized.

Earlier the agency has informed that the incident has occurred at the
restaurant on June 17, where several military doctors including Edgar
Mikoyan, Arkadi Aghajanyan, Garik Soghomonyan, Artak Bayadyan and Vahe
Avetyan were brutally beaten by the restaurant employees.

Criminal case was instigated. Police detained 8 people. The owner of
Harsnaqar restaurant is high-ranking Armenian ruling party MP, head of
Armenian Football Federation and businessman Ruben Hayrapetyan.