PFA's Statement Concerning the Death of Major Vahe Avetyan

13:06, July 1, 2012

It is with utmost sadness that Policy Forum Armenia has learned of the
death of Major Vahe Avetyan, head of the ENT Department of the Yerevan
Garrison Hospital, on June 28, 2012. He was severely beaten along with
two other doctors on June 17 (on the premises of `Harsnaqar'
restaurant owned by governing Republican Party MP, Ruben Hayrapetyan)
by a large group of restaurant employees and Hayrapetyan's personal

Policy Forum Armenia strongly condemns Major Avetyan's brutal murder
and extends its deepest condolences to the Avetyan family. We reject
the reprehensible atmosphere of impunity that has created a breeding
ground for incidents like this and leaves irreparable personal wounds,
shatters social cohesion, and undermines national security.

We call upon all friends of Armenia - individuals as well as political
and civic organizations with stake in Armenia's development, in and
outside of Armenia - to help bring about the long-overdue change in the
country that would help prevent events like these from taking place

PFA Executive Board
Washington, Los Angeles, Yerevan
June 30, 2012

From: A. Papazian