ARFD Expectations

Igor Muradyan

Story from News:

Published: 10:26:33 - 28/06/2012

The situation in the ARF seems to be coming to an end which is related to
internal discussions rather than to the upcoming meetings. As we know, the
discussion is half of the work if it contains new ideas and comes up with
new leaders.

Ideas are many. There is enough criticism of the party leadership, new
claims and ambitions are seen but unfortunately there are few initiatives
and proposals. There are also doubts about the motivation and interest of
the party members who link their personal matters to party goals. In fact,
there is nothing bad about people linking their future to the party's
destiny, but only if the behavioral aspects are updated. Meanwhile, there
are only expectations and few initiatives.

What is the cause of this situation? There are no alternative leaders in
the ARF due to the former policy of the party leadership which used to ruin
any initiative, discrediting proposals and assessments of their opponents.
Actually, if there were real leaders in the party, there would not be so
many problems.

What is the problem? Can it be formulated? Gradual attenuation of the
party's activities is happening on the surface in the absence of the main
behavioral line - imposition of the policy debate on the society. A real
member of Dashnaktsutyun should never be interested in such political
actions as participating in all kinds of elections. Elections in the modern
world are a race of idiots when the society is involved in these games,
it's not bad but a revolutionary party must not reduce it activities to

So, when moving away from superficial issues, the the basic task should be
formation of a party of an unusual type. Unfortunately, for many years the
party leaders were trying to succeed in the way of a `classic' type of
conventional parliamentary party attracted by the `charm' of petty
bourgeois sentiments. OK but who needs such a party, there are a lot of
such parties, and evidence to this is the outcome of the election.
Participation in these games has turned the party to a standard petty
corporation and led to strong dependence on the government and more
powerful parties with which the ARF heads are constantly trying to enter
into unnatural alliances.

But the most offensive thing for the party is that it has been betrayed by
ridiculous `politicians' and `revolutionaries' it has raised. Now the main
tactical issue is the emergence of new party leaders but if there are no
leaders in the party, you can `call', for example, former members of the
party. Naturally, these people should understand and be convinced of the
need of not only updates but also radicalization of party politics. In any
case, the question of leadership will still have to be discussed.