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We have no right to lose anyone, especially military personnel and
doctors, Armenia's Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan said in connection
with the June 17 brawl at the Harsnakar Restaurant which led to the
death of military doctor Vahe Avetyan.

The minister calls on everyone to create an atmosphere of mutual
tolerance in Armenia in order to avoid repetition of a similar tragedy
in the future.

"I think that people occasionally become inflamed with passion and
try to put forward their visions and ideas, their "ego." Anyway,
as we mature and grow older, we should realize that all differences
must be settled by peaceful means rather than by power or blows,"
Seyran Ohanyan told A1+.

Minister Ohanyan says he has had a telephone conversation with the
restaurant owner Ruben Hayrapetyan who is presently in Ukraine.

"We both condemned the tragic incident. We think that the public
needn't organize more campaigns and protests. We should leave it to
the law enforcement bodies to investigate the case and identify those
guilty," said Mr. Ohanyan.

In his turn, Chief of Armenian Police, Lieutenant-General Vladimir
Gasparyan says they are doing everything to ensure objective
investigation of the incident.

"We shall provide open, transparent and unbiased investigation into
the case. I think we will put an end to arrogance and lawlessness in
this country," he said.

Later, he said that the law on bodyguards is included in the parliament
agenda. The adoption of the draft law will help regulate the field
and curb oligarchs.

"Let the oligarchs work well and be honest, in that case they will
not need bodyguards," said Mr. Gasparyan.

Regarding the act of Lieutenant Colonel Vardan Samvelyan, a senior
official at the Defense Ministry's capital regiment, who attempted
to blow up the Harsnakar Restaurant, Seyran Ohanyan said, "If each
of us succumbs to his emotions, what is to become of us? We must be
tolerant and respect our laws."

"I think he was under the influence of alcohol," said Vladimir