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Aram Manukyan, a senior member of the opposition Armenian National
Congress (HAK) says the brutal murder of military doctor Vahe Avetyan
was the result of impunity which is sponsored by the authorities.

"Can you imagine what might happen if the incident happened in another
restaurant owned by another businessman? They would eat him," he said.

Mr. Manukyan believes that Serzh Sargsyan was to stay in Armenia and
second Avetyan's family today instead of flying to Kyiv to watch a
football match. At the same time, he is surprised at the indifference
of some intellectuals and biased attitude of politicians.

"They kill your officer in your country and you keep silence! Why? Are
you afraid to be treated in the same way?" he said.

Speaking about Lieutenant Colonel Vardan Samvelyan, a senior
official at the Defense Ministry's capital regiment, who threatened
to blow up the Harsnakar Restaurant, Mr. Manukyan said it was 'a real
manifestation of a rebellious spirit.'

"You cannot blame anyone when your friend or relative is severely
killed. It is hard to say anything at this moment. Let us wait for the
honorable judge or prosecutor to make a decision," said the HAK member.

He confirmed again that the HAK has its candidate in the person of
Armenia's first President Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

Major Vahe Avetyan, head of ENT Department of the Yerevan Garrison
Hospital, died in a Yerevan hospital on June 29 after being severely
beaten at Republican MP Ruben Hayrapetyan's Harsnakar Restaurant on
June 17. Avetyan, 35, died without regaining consciousness 12 days
after the incident.