By Gohar Abrahamyan

02.07.12 | 16:36

The protest against the death of a military doctor Vahe Avetyan who
died after being beaten by security staff at Harsnakar restaurant in
Yerevan continues on this, the day of his funeral.

On June 17, Avetyan was among five men severely beaten by security
at the restaurant complex belonging to several military doctors were
brutally beaten in Harsnaqar restaurant complex, which belongs to
Ruben Hayrapetyan, who is a Member of Parliament, head of the Armenian
Football Federation, and a high-ranking member of the ruling Republican
Party of Armenia.

Among those taking part in Avetyan's funeral were hundreds of ordinary
citizens and political figures, including representatives of the
Dashnaktsutyun, Heritage, and Prosperous Armenia parties.

Naira Zohrabyan, of the Prosperous Armenia Party, said that society
must revolt so that similar tragedies do repeat in the future - as
accusations have been leveled against Hayrapetyan, alleging that he
had his bodyguards assault the men.

"What has happened is terrible. How can an Armenian be so brute and
kill someone with no reason?! We all must push for punishment of all
those who are responsible for his [Avetyan's] death. But there is no
need to politicize the issue," Zohrabyan said.

One of the on-line travel agencies in Armenia, Georgia and
Nagorno-Karabakh, ginosi.com joined the protest, too, temporarily
taking out from its website the information on Harsnakar Restaurant
in Yerevan as well as in Harsnakar hotel located near Lake Sevan.

"As a socially responsible company, we have decided to temporarily
suspend Harsnakar's listing from ginosi.com until an investigation
clarifies as to what exactly has transpired at the Harsnakar Restaurant
on the evening of June 17th which led to the death of Vahe Avetyan,"
ginosi.com said in a statement.

From: Baghdasarian