ANC opposition bloc needs to orient itself quickly to avoid breakdown
14:17 - 07.07.12

Should the Armenian National Congress (ANC) orient itself quickly and
assess the situation right, it will succeed in stopping the split in
the opposition bloc, leader of the Democratic Homeland party Petros
Makeyan told

`Davit Shahnazaryan's pullout was a serious blow. He was a mighty
force with his experience and skills. But it cannot be considered the
last blow to the ANC,' Mr Makeyan said.

The disputes over the political course adopted by the ANC after the
parliamentary elections resulted in the drain of core political forces
from the opposition bloc - Hanrapetutyun, headed by Aram Sargsyan,
Liberal party of Hovhannes Hovhannissyan and Davit Shahnazaryan -
close associate of Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

Petros Makeyan said the issues in the ANC are not caused by outside
factors, but the problem exists inside the bloc.
Asked whether the problem is in not encouraging pluralism inside the
ANC, Mr Makeyan said he and his party are trying to overcome it by
offering approaches, solutions. `It is very difficult though,' he
said, adding that very often ANC's decisions are being adopted
`outside of political council', personally by the head of the ANC.

While members of the ANC avoid making any comments over the
developments inside the bloc, ANC associates express moods inside the
ANC on their Facebook page. Hrant Ter-Abrahamyan wrote that though
Davit Shahnazaryan has a right to leave the ANC and be against ANC's
strategy to cooperate with the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), before
criticizing and leaving he should first of all have spoken about his
part of responsibility in the failure of 2011 dialogue between the ANC
and the authorities, which Ter-Abrahamyan described as dialogue of two
Davits, that resulted in cooperation with the PAP.

Last year the dialogue between the ANC and coalition forces was first
postponed and then suspended after the arrest of ANC activist Tigran

Petros Makeyan, though, said the core figures in the dialogue were
Davit Harutyunyan representing the authorities and Levon