Saturday, 07 July 2012 18:05

On June 4 the schoolchildren of Garnaqar village, Mardakert region,
received gifts from the benefactors of their school.

The school of the village, once in a poor state and ill-equipped,
today is a well-appointed building due to the Armenian Educational
Institute, USA. The first computers the schoolchildren of the village
had were presented by this organization and now 26 children attend
the reconstructed and well-furnished village school.

On June 4 the benefactors brought stationeries and sports requisites
for the children and personally presented the gifts to them.

The organization has been an investor in the educational sphere
of Armenia and Artsakh for a long time. Executive Director of the
US-based Armenian Educational Institute's Yerevan office Stepan
Nalbandyan assured that they were the first to make investments for
the development of the schools of the liberated regions of Artsakh but
they regret to see that the villages where they made heavy investments
are desolate today.

One of the organization directors Aleq Baghdassaryan is also a hotel
business investor in Artsakh.

From: Baghdasarian