04:33 pm | Today | Politics

"Do you want me to have the fate of Vahe Avetyan? It is no use
disputing with oligarchs in Armenia," Hmayak Hovhannisyan, Chairman
of the Political Scientists Union of Armenia, said while answering
a question about his decision to renounce a deputy mandate.

Asked why he was included in the party list of the NHK if he was not
to appear in the legislative body, Mr. Hovhannisyan said, "My name
was used as a decoy, but I consider it indecent and immoral."

Anyway, Mr. Hovhannisyan has not given up the idea of entering the
National Assembly. He is going to run in the elections scheduled for
the autumn.

"I am a favorite. I will fight against my own weaknesses," he said.

Hovhannisyan stressed that according to an agreement reached before the
May 6 parliamentary elections he was involved on the BHK party-list as
an independent candidate, in parliament he was to head the Commission
on Human Rights.

Today, he has realized that he does not need the support of any force.

Hovhannisyan is particularly offended by the forces involved in
the joint inter-party headquarters tasked to monitor the May 6
parliamentary elections.

"Levon, Oskanyan came and settled their affairs. Nothing is more
monstrous than an ungrateful person," he said.

From: Baghdasarian