July 30, 2012 | 13:28

YEREVAN. - The number of crimes committed by minors has reduced in
Armenia by 61, and the number of perpetrators dropped by 33, Police
representative, Police Colonel Nelli Duryan stated during a press
conference on Monday, summing up the results for the first six months
of 2012 (PHOTOS).

"For the most part, the minors are stealing property. This year 98
such cases were recorded as compared with 165 cases in the same time
period last year," said Duryan.

Also, the number of serious injuries went down by 8, and the cases
of using narcotics, by 3. But there was an increase in the case of
bearing illegal weapons.

"The children of socially secure families likewise are committing
crimes," said Nelli Duryan, and added that this is a result of improper
disciplining and the parents' indifference.

In her words, a total of 108 cases of violence were recorded so far
this year against minors, as compared with the 83 cases in the year
past, and, also, 43 from these were sexual violence.

By and large, the minors are causing physical injuries to one another.

And a total of 16 such cases were recorded in Armenia this year,
as compared with 25 in the year past.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress