Deprived of the right to an independent policy for many years, Karabakh
finally realized that not everything that is done in Armenia is aimed
at ensuring the security and territorial integrity of Karabakh. And
Karabakh people started talking.

The scandal was triggered by the interview of the foreign minister
of Karabakh Karen Mirzoyan. The whole society rose against the
return of Karabakh to Azerbaijan or surrender of territories. Even
high-ranking officials of Karabakh pointed out to the minister the
unacceptability of such statements. It came to the fact that member
of Karabakh parliament Vahan Badasyan demanded the resignation of
the foreign minister.

The second wave was caused by the report on Russian supply of offensive
weapons to Azerbaijan. If in Armenia, especially among politicians,
they have no idea of what weapon of mass destruction is, Karabakh
people know it. It would be silly of Karabakh to justify a country
that sells weapons of mass destruction to Azerbaijan.

So far, Karabakh has followed two principles: first, never criticize
the Armenian authorities because they are from Karabakh so they will
never harm Karabakh, second, never criticize Russia which is the
"guarantor of security". It is hard to tell who forced or asked
Karabakh to stay loyal to these principles, but we may recall that
before going back to Karabakh in 2006President Bako Sahakyan was the
representative of Armenia's and Karabakh's National Security Councils
to Moscow.

"Loyal" Karabakh people turned a blind eye on their own security. They
turned a blind eye on the fact that the Armenian authorities accept the
principles of Madrid which suppose for the surrender of territories. It
is true that the parliament and foreign ministry of Karabakh issued a
number of statements expressing their disagreement with such a position
but it was done in order not to "betray" either Yerevan or Moscow.

Now, apparently, no one is going to overlook anything. In Karabakh a
generation has grown up which, fortunately, is free from the influence
of the current Karabakh authorities who are "politically monogamous".

This generation assesses threats, challenges and common sense. It
is not accidental that this is the generation that asks undesirable
questions to the government.

The veterans of war are also more active who used to be soothed by
the visits of Armenian leadership to Karabakh and by simple statements
that no one is going to yield anything. Field officers do not believe
these assurances, they do not trust the Russian emissaries who appear
in Karabakh incognito from time to time and mysteriously wink. They
believe that Russia sold Smerch rocket missiles to Azerbaijan which
can destroy large districts.

In Karabakh, they began asking questions about their own life and
safety, and these questions shall not be answered by the leaderships
of Armenia or Russia but the government of Karabakh which is elected
to govern, not to be vicars of several masters.

Naira Hayrumyan 14:34 02/07/2013 Story from News:

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress