The sale of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan has triggered a big

According to the Russian Vedomosti, Russia supplied to Azerbaijan
armaments costing 1 billion USD, including three battalions of -90o
tanks, three battalions of armored vehicles, one division of Msta-S
self-propelled howitzer, one division of Smerch BM -30 rocket systems,
one division of Vena self-propelled howitzer and one unit Solntsepyok
heavy flame thrower system.

Interview with first commander of NKR self-defense Arkady Karapetyan

Mr. Karapetyan what is Russia's goal?

I don't believe that by selling weapons Russia is trying to maintain
the balance in Transcaucasia, on the contrary, it is boosting tension.

It rather balances the Russian military base which does not belong
to Armenia. I'm mostly worried about the sale of Smerch rocket systems.

If 1600 people died as a result of a Grad volley in Tskhinvali,
can you imagine what will happen if Smerch is used against Stepanakert?

Thousands of people will die, if not the whole population.

Russia is selling weapons to Armenia at internal Russian prices,
while to Azerbaijan at international prices.

The weapons sold to Armenia at internal prices are the old generation
weapons, such a T-72 tanks. Why aren't they selling Smerch rockets,
airplanes and other types of weapons to us in order to keep the

Recently Iskander ballistic missiles have been imported to Armenia.

This is said to be the proof of commitment to parity.

These missiles have been provided to the Russian base. If they gave
them to us and trained local staff, that would be different. Second,
for example, Iskanders will be launched at headquarters which may
have been already dislocated during the war, while Smerch is a direct
threat to the population. One volley of this missile will destroy
67 hectares. One division is composed of 18 stations, Azerbaijan has
two divisions today.

If Azerbaijan does not buy weapons from Russia, it will buy from
other countries, such as Israel.

Let it buy but we would at least know that it is not buying from our
friendly country. Plus, only Russia produces Smerch in the world,
which is a weapon of mass destruction.

According to a Russian political scientist, Russia is acting in the
same way as NATO and the U.S. which sell weapons to Egypt and Israel,
Greece and Turkey in order to maintain the balance.

Israel has nuclear weapon. Do NATO and the U.S. sell nuclear weapons
to any other country in the region? Smerch is equal to a nuclear
weapon in our region.

The CTSO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha said about Russia supply
to Azerbaijan that it is business, market relations and Russia's

Ok, it is business. Then stop saying that we are brothers. If you
are a businessman, why don't you pay for your base in Armenia? Why
don't we request money from you? A state that is guided by business
interests may sell the military base and leave the country at any
moment. It may even sell the base to a third country. A brotherly
country should act otherwise. Brotherhood is not business.

So what can Armenia do?

I think brotherly Russia is preparing the Armenian genocide. I'm saying
it as a person who lives in Artsakh waiting when Smerch will be used
against his family. I think when they say that it is necessary to
ensure the security of Armenia they mean the territories, not people.

State is not business, it is a higher value. Russia should finally
decide if it is a businessman or a serious state.

Armenia should rely on itself. We have been shouting for twenty years
to pay attention at military industry, but in vain ...

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