11:35 | July 2 2013

Today, in a conversation with, the Secretary of "Heritage"
faction Zaruhi Postanjyan assured that the statement of the Prosecutor
of Cyprus is not news, because everything regarding the Prime
Minister's offshore scandal is already clear.

It's worth to mention that the Cyprus Attorney General has told the
"Liberty" r/s that it is impossible to be a shareholder of an offshore
company in their country without the knowledge of given person or
a permission of the authorized representative. In this way he had
denied the Prime Minister's explanation that he had nothing to do
withthis company, and that similar companies can be registered in
the name of Nicole Pashinyan without his knowledge.

According to Zaruhi Postanjyan, "Everything was clear from the words
of the Prime Minister at the Parliament that he was not telling the
truth. We did not learn it from the prosecutor of Cyprus, unlike our
prosecutors, he performed his duty and presented the requirement
of acting law without having interest to defend or support Tigran

To our questions that Serzh Sargsyan during his recent meeting
rebuked the Attorney General, should we also keep in mind that
under these remarks the Prime Minister and Kchoyan have immunity
and we the so-called "have nothing to do", Zaruhi Postanjyan
replied,-. "What happened at Serzh Sargsyan's office, which was
called as a discussion of effective management of budget resources,
strengthen supervision over the implementation of government programs
and reducing the risks of corruption, was a poor performance of the
main role-player. Generally, if there is a discussion that nearly
two dozen people participate,

at least ten of them should be able to express an opinion, and if
the two dozen are top-ranking government officials, a country, which
as a corrupted country, is in the "best" disgraceful five among 47
EU countries, the discussions about corruption could not possibly
implemented in the form of listening to a monologue."

I've been a lawyer for 9 years, as a lawyer I have some experience
in contact with the criminal world. When I watched this so-called
"discussions", I got the impression that a group of people of
the criminal world gathered and the most influential of them, the
leader of the group, is making an attempt to say a word that will
resemble the word of mafia godfather. The leader of the group was
settling scores from one member of his subordinated group, trying
to make it clear for both those present and others, trying to remind
that I am the decision-maker here, I know who represents what here,
and generally I am informed about everything. In other words, Serzh
Sargsyan made it clear that each of those present are his subordinates,
I have respective discrediting evidence against you and generally
I am the decision maker. If I wish I will tell the prosecutor to
start the process, I will not wish, I will not start. At this moment,
my assignment refers not to the embezzlement of 700 billion, but get
involved with a light, small-sized embezzlements and small officials,
nothing more. It is not allowed to mane independent statement and
discussions about the quantity of embezzlement by the state officials,
size of abuses and volume of allegations. The quantity, size and volume
should be specified with Serzh Sargsyan, and besides, execution of
all future activities. I got such impression from that meeting.

Hripsimeh JEBEJYAN

From: Baghdasarian