Monday, July 29th, 2013

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.-The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian have
announced the winners of the 2013 Margarian Scholarship. According
to Armen Margarian, "The selection process was extremely difficult
in light of the large number of highly qualified applicants. We were
pleasantly surprised to have over 100 applicants, many of whom had
stellar academic records, extensive community service records and
a clear devotion to the Armenian heritage. Nevertheless, we had to
select only five winners and award them with $1,000 each."

On August 20, 2013, all scholarship winners, applicants, letter of
recommendation writers, family members, friends, and all community
members at large, are cordially invited to attend the awards and
networking reception at Le Foyer Ballroom by LA Banquets.

"In the process of reviewing applications, interviewing some of the
semi-finalists, and trying to narrow down the list, we realized that
the biggest reward we could give the applicants was not the modest
financial award, but the opportunity to meet their fellow applicants -
the brightest, most driven, and most culturally aware young Armenians;
Armenians who all exhibit a passion and a clear dedication for the
Armenian heritage, culture and nation. The ideas of 'power in unity'
and 'strength in knowing the right people' truly resonated in our
minds," stated Hovanes Margarian.

It is with this objective in mind that the awards and networking
reception will be tailored to allow the winners, applicants and
prominent community members from various professions to meet and
network, say the event organizers. They want students to have
an unprecedented chance to develop mentorships, internships and
employment opportunities.

"We sincerely hope to have all community members join us in extending
to all applicants our guidance and support in future academic and
career endeavors. These students are the future of our community, of
Armenians both in the Diaspora and in our homeland. Their individual
success, coupled with their devotion to our common cause, is the
ultimate way to bring salvation to the Armenian people. This is why we
hope that the event will be well attended by established professionals
from various fields to provide the much needed support for the future
generation," stated Hovanes Margarian. "Much too often our community
events are focused on prominent leaders and the students are left in
the shadows of those who have risen to the top. This event is about
putting the spotlight on the students," added Margarian.

"We hope that our humble $1,000 contribution to these individuals'
education will help ease some of their financial burdens and allow
them to continue to excel, as they have to date. In light of the
extremely competitive applications, we have revised the categories
to award five individuals with equal $1,000 awards. It would be
unfair to distinguish between the five recipients, as each of them
has demonstrated merits of equal value. Once again, we congratulate
the scholarship award recipients and look forward to meeting you all
at the reception," stated Armen Margarian.

The 2013 Margarian Scholarship winners, in no particular order, are:

The winners of the Margarian Scholarship (from left to right):
Ara Yeghikyan, Emma Dishoian, Hayk Mamajanyan, Ofelya Tevosian,
and Rafik Mughnetsian.

Ara Yeghikyan from Yerevan, Armenia: 2 years of military service on
the front line in Artsakh, distinguished academic record at University
Jean Moulin Lyon, France, French University of Armenia, Armenia,
and Yerevan State University, Armenia. Participation in many human
rights organizations/NGO's, and much more.

Hayk Mamajanyan from Yerevan, Armenia: associate attorney at one
of Armenia's premier international firms, Arlex International,
distinguished academic record at Yerevan State University, Armenia,
National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, and University of Oxford,
England. Various publications and involvement in pro bono services,
and much more.

Ofelya Tevosian from Los Angeles, CA: multitude of awards and
recognitions, distinguished academic record in high school, college
and at USC, extensive volunteering/internships, and much more.

Emma Dishoian from Los Angeles, CA: multitude of awards and
recognitions, distinguished academic record in high school and
college, admitted UCLA undergraduate, extensive community service,
and much more.

Rafik Mughnetsian from Los Angeles, CA: multitude of awards and
recognitions, distinguished academic record in high school and at UCI,
extensive community service, including service to the Western Diocese
of the Armenian Church, and much more.

All interested in attending the awards reception are encouraged to
RSVP online at Admission
is free to all. Hosting will be provided complimentary by LA Banquets.

From: Baghdasarian