YEREVAN, July 30. /ARKA/. South Caucasus Railways CJSC's investment
program for 2014 will amount to AMD 7.5 billion against the previous
year's 6.3 billion, Viktor Rebets, CEO of the company, said in an
interview with ARKA News Agency.

"We will put special emphasis on creation of technologies connected
with the train separation system of traffic regulation system,
i.e. a system of semi-automatic blocking, as well as on automation
of our switch facilities at stations and reinforcement of our railway
facilities," he said.

Fore example, he said, the reconstruction of our motive-power depot
in Gyumri has made it possible to change periodicity of repairs of
locomotives, get rid of outside contractors and increase periods
between repairs.

"Before that, we repaired cars every year, without taking into account
how many kilometers they have run, while now we see their mileages,
and taking into account short distances in Armenia, we can say that
the periodicity of repairs will shrank twice (once in two years),"
Rebets said. "We won't pay for that many times - it can serve for at
least one decade."

Rebets also stressed that in 2008, when the company came to Armenia,
there were 420 derailing cases, and in 2012 their number reduced to
five thanks to investments in the infrastructure, particularly to
the repair of 300 kilometers of railways.

Speaking about plans for the next year, Rebets said that the process
of creation of the unified data transmission network from the final
to the first stations as well as fortification of bridges will be
completed in 2014.

"We built three bridges in 2012. This year we are fortifying three
other bridges, but are not building new ones, since there is no
necessity to do this."

South Caucasus Railways, a 100-percent subsidiary of Russian Railways,
runs Armenian Railway.

Armenian Railways was handed over to the South Caucasus
Railways on February 13, 2008 for 30-year concession
management with a right to prolong the management term for
other 10 years. ($1 - AMD 410.30).---0--- - See more at: 4_to_cost_amd_7_5_billion/#sthash.F57GkgPC.dpuf

From: Baghdasarian