14:38 30.07.13

An Armenian district in the Turkish town of Mush had 80% of its
houses pulled down almost a year after the local authorities decided
to involve it in an urban redevelopment project.

According to Radikal, there are plans to built 770 constructions in
the Kale district, instead of the former 770.

The Turkish-Armenian public figure, Karo Palian, who formerly dealt
with Armenian heritage issues, has recently addressed the well-known
Armenian neoghborhood, Mushegh's Fortress, calling for special measures
to take at least two districts of the town under protection.

Considering the dismantlement illegal, Palian said the "treasure
hunters" had damaged the building, undermining their foundations.

"Mush had 299 churches, 94 monasteries, 53 pilgrimage sites and 135
schools, with 5,699 pupils. So the remaining three streets should not
be leveled. The Armenian heritage of Anatolia is being destroyed at
rapid paces. Were the same in Istanbul, they wouldn't even drive a
nail on the buildings," he said.