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The attorney of the commander of N unit, Col. Artak Budaghyan, Hayk
Alumyan appealed the decision of the investigator to the supervising
prosecutors which denied his motion to stop the prosecution of his
client. The attorney of Artak Budaghyan informed the reporter of

In the scope of the criminal case connected with the incident occurred
on June 1, 2013, at 23.00 in the area near the house of the governor
of Syunik S. Khachatrayn, Artak Budaghyan is charged with paragraph 1
of article 137 of RA Criminal Code: the threat to murder, to inflict
heavy damage to one's health or to destroy property of big volume,
provided there was real danger that this threat would be carried out.

The signature of not leaving is chosen as a precautionary measure
against him.

Note that as a result of incident that occurred next to the house of
the governor of Syunik Surik Khachatryan, the former candidate of Mayor
of Goris Avetiq Budaghyan was killed and his brother colonel Artak
Budaghyan and the bodyguard of Surik Khachatryan Nikolai Abrahamyan
were taken to hospital with gunshot injuries.

In the scope of the case on June 13, Surik Khachatryan's son Tigran
Khachatryan and his bodyguard Zarzard Nikoghosyan were charged with
6th part of the second paragraph of article 104, first parts of
article of 112 and 235 of RA Criminal Code respectively being murder
of 2 or more people committed in a way dangerous for the life of
many people, infliction of willful bodily damage which is dangerous
for life or caused loss of eye-sight, speech, hearing or any organ,
loss of functions of the organ, or was manifested in irreversible
ugliness on face, as well as caused other damage dangerous for life
or caused disorder, accompanied with the stable loss of no less than
one third of the capacity for work, or with complete loss of the
professional capacity for work obvious for the perpetrator, or caused
disruption of pregnancy, mental illness, drug or toxic addiction and
illegal procurement, transportation, keeping or carrying of weapons,
explosives or explosive devices, except smoothbore long-barrel hunting
guns, ammunition.

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